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    Is this a busy spectrum?

    A retail store is having trouble with its guest wireless, with download speeds of barely 200 Kbps. A 1-minute capture recording (too large to upload on this interface) shows activity across the...
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    Solid 1MhZ wide interference in residence

    This "blue stripe" showed up in a friend's kitchen in a dense urban area, but only in the kitchen. 10 feet away in a different room, this stopped appearing. Since it's a residence, there are no...
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    Fing is really slow if there are a lot of...

    Fing is really slow if there are a lot of clients. Also, it seems to work at the IP level, so if you have more than one SSID that shares one giant IP subnet, you can't tell which clients are in...
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    Actually, I meant finding clients from the air,...

    Actually, I meant finding clients from the air, if you don't have access to the APs or the wired network. It's a different story if you do! Tools like inSSIDer or Wi-Fi Scanner show the APs, but...
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    Client finder (e.g. Fing) for Win7?

    Does MetaGeek or anyone else have a tool that reports all the clients in a WLAN? I have Fing and iNet on my iPhone (though I'm suspecting all Fing does is ping every host in a subnet, so it's just...
  6. inSSIDer 2.1 doesn't always show channel-bonded SSIDs

    I have a Wi-spy with Chanalyzer Pro, but because ChanPro doesn't show 40MHz bonded channels, I used inSSIDer to double-check.

    But I just noticed that inSSIDer 2.1 it doesn't always report...
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    Using Wi-Spy to compare AeroHive v. HP

    I spent some quality time at a community college's campus center coffee shop,
    with two laptops and a Wi-Spy to check out their wireless. They're running an
    experiment with Aerohive and HP.
  8. Interpreting info from inSSIDer and Chanalyzer Pro

    I've been using inSSIDer and Chanalyzer Pro, and have some questions about how to learn more about the APs based on what these two tools report.

    * How can you tell which protocol an AP is running?...
  9. ok cool! Now if only I could figure out how to...

    ok cool! Now if only I could figure out how to use this thing....or rather, what to use it *for*. That's for another thread though!

    (Hmm, now that I know you guys really do watch forums for...
  10. Chanalyzer Pro doesn't show a channel-bonded SSID?

    Hello all -- SO psyched to get my Wi-Spy DBx and Chanalyzer Pro yesterday!

    A neighboring office is broadcasting an SSID that's running channel-bonded in 2.4GHz (how rude!) . inSSIDer, Xirrus and...
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