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  1. Could you include a SNR column in Chanalyzer Pro?

    The following cell edge measurements are taken during the site survey: Received signal strength (dBm), also known as received signal level (RSL) Noise level (dBm) Signal-to-noise ratio, or SNR (dB)
  2. I may be wrong, but wouldn't that be the RSSI...

    I may be wrong, but wouldn't that be the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) level. The one with the strongest RSSI level would be the closest one, unless you happened to have an AP with an...
  3. Why are we optimizing wireless networks when most businesses are stuck on a T1 at 1.5

    Hi, I am honestly wondering. I just got a cable modem line into my house at 50Mbps and get around 65Mbps directly from a wire to the modem, around 28Mbps from a router connected to the cable mode...
  4. SPIRES - What are they? Weird behavior, unexplained frequency observations UFOs)

    ok, so I know there is a lot of RF activity in the spectrum. After all, it is a radio frequency spectrum. And I know that there are some basics that should be almost immediately obvious, like the...
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    The sites that I have tried have only had about 5...

    The sites that I have tried have only had about 5 to 10 APs. But I have had no slow downs except in VisiWave when doing a point to point survey. But when I went back and rebooted all the data was...
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    An online LIBRARY of Signatures

    Where is the online library of signatures that we can download into our copy of Chanalyzer Pro? What are the simple steps to moving one into my Chanalyzer?



    P.S. I am not...
  7. win7 crashes when starting Eye P.A. capture with WinPcap on ZenBook UX31A

    Everytime except once it crashed when starting a capture. The one time it did not crash, when i saved the file it locked up before being able to save the file
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    point by point vs. continuous

    This is actually a VisiWave Question. I am guessing you guys use both programs interchangeably.
    It seems easier to not worry about keeping the same speed of movement while coordinating clicking on...
  9. have the FILTERS been taken out of this version of Pro?

    I was reading the manual for chanalyzer pro from the link at the top of this General Discussion Forum and when I got to the part about setting filters for the Network Table, I noticed they don't seem...
  10. Mistake of not turning off wi-fi card when doing spectrum analysis

    I was studying the CWNP book and came across this sentence on page 398: One of the most common mistakes people make is not disabling their WLAN radio from transmitting. etc, etc.

    The reason given...
  11. How do you display text titles next to the buttons that are only icons on the top

    On the top center display there are the buttons to change how the activity is displayed. I only see icons in my application, however, in the training video I see that the buttons also have a label...
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