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  1. Signal to noise ratio of 3 overlapping channels?

    Case: If there is two channel 1 Access point in an environment,
    we receive -90dB on AP1, and -91dB on AP2
    does that make the SNR = 1dB?
    is 1dB good or bad for a SNR?

    what will the SNR be if...
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    Thanks for the explanation! I read that post...

    Thanks for the explanation! I read that post before asking this question. I am actually just curious about the result of my mobile phone app.

    thanks again!
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    Channel Difference

    I am new to inSSIDer, and am using it because my project is related to wireless networks.
    I've been using inSSIDer on my laptop and a wifi analyzer app on my mobile phone to detect the channels...
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