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    Thanks for the reply Tyler. It seems a bit...

    Thanks for the reply Tyler.

    It seems a bit disingenuous to not have the source available freely to anyone if you are calling the application OpenSource. I would like the source 'depreciated' or...
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    the sub-directory still means that you have to...

    the sub-directory still means that you have to manually go in and rename all of the files. It is no different than my current method of exporting to a directory below my logging directory. My use may...
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    404 error trying to access inSSIDer Source

    On the page the http link to the SVN repository reports a 404 error.
    The link provided is

    I tried a few...
  4. [Suggest] coordinate data storage or 10 to the -13 idiocy

    The recorded Resolution for the GPS is frankly unnecessarily high. By that I'm referring to the precision with which the data is stored. Anything less than 10 to the -6 is complete overkill for the...
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    [Suggest] Export improvment.

    It would be really nice if the Export used the existing file name as the base for the output file name.

    Say my input file name is '2010-9-7_19-11-38.gpx'
    The output could be something like
  6. Thread: DSSS or not?

    by i_do_dew

    I don't think you would be

    I don't think you would be able to tell. All a spectrum analyzer will show is frequency usage. You would need some way to extract the data on the frequency to tell what type of encoding it is using. ...
  7. Since WiSpy2.4x is receive only, has anyone tried using it with a frequency converter?

    In amateur radio I know that there are microwave band frequency converters. Rather than redeveloping the wispy for each band, just have a converter from target frequency (either down or up) to 2.4Ghz...
  8. pedja wrote:

    pedja wrote:<blockquote>Do not wait. Today is the last day to buy it. Tommorow, you will be paying 100 USD more for the same thing.</blockquote>

    Just a check here, but last I knew January...
  9. This is a very loose

    This is a very loose analogy, but think of wifi signal like a FM radio.

    If you are listening to the radio in a quiet room, it is easy to hear, this is your signal.

    Now add a whole bunch...
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    There are a few things that

    There are a few things that come to mind.

    Unless you are trying to go though a metal wall of some kind, being in
    the arena probably isn't going to be an issue. it should effectivly
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    Its been my experience with

    Its been my experience with ME, that unless you have a specific
    microsoft application that requires NET 2.0 that you probably shouldnt
    install it. I know its a default upgrade when you run windows...
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    This has been out for a

    This has been out for a while, and you can improve the capabilities by
    using a true parabolic shape. This was slash dotted here...
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