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  1. Feature request: Encryption method (not authentication) column TKIP or AES-CCMP

    In additon to the authentication information shown in the "Security" column (e.g."WPA2-personal")
    I would like to know as well the encryption method inside (e.g. TKIP or AES-CCMP or ....).

  2. How to auto-jump to "Networks" tab at startup (and not to "Learn")?

    When I start v3 of Inssider then automatically at first the "Learn" tab is shown.
    I always have manually to click on "Networks" tab to get the real information.

    This is user unfriendly and...
  3. Where can I download the 64bit version if InSSIDer 3?

    When I go to webpage

    then I find only one download link (=32bit) for InSSIDer.

    Where is the 64bit downloa`?

    It exists in the past for the v2...
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    Is InSSIDer portable/runnable form USB Stick?

    Is InSSIDer portable/runnable form USB Stick?

    As far as I can see: NOT.

    If really not: Coukld you make it portable?

    Thank you
  5. inSSIDer only installable from C: partition! From D: fails

    As I found out I can install inSSIDer only from a folder on partition C:

    When I try to do it from a directory on D: it fails.

    Are your aware of this bug (on Win7 64bit)?

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    How to auto-start inSSIDer ?

    After I started inSSIDer v2.0 I always have to click additionally on the "start" button in the upper right corner.

    How can I setup inSSIDer so that it is automatically started at start?

  7. InSSIDer does NOT show infos about PSK or AES encryption

    Unfortunately I had to detect that InSSIDer does NOT show infos about the
    authentication and encryption methods "PSK" and "AES".

    The following tool shows this for example (sorry web page is in...
  8. Let InSSIDer remember win size+position+preferences

    Whenever I (re-)start inSSIDer I have to resize the window put it onto another screen position and click menu "Show all networks".

    Could you include in the next release a function which...
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