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Thread: WiSpyConsole recording frequency

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    Default WiSpyConsole recording frequency


    i've downloaded the WiSpyConsole application and gave it a quick test. i found that about 20 measurements are written to the output file each second. the open-source tools from kismet also output data at this rate. the official wi-spy software seems to output 6-7 records a second.

    the hardware specs define (and this has been said on this forum as well) that the wi-spy device is capable of outputting about 10 measurements a second.

    how can these differences be explainded? anyone else noticed this?



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    Default The official Wi-Spy 1.0

    The official Wi-Spy 1.0 software had some software performance issues
    that were limiting the amount of data pulled from the Wi-Spy hardware.
    Chanalyzer fixes this software performance problem and outputs at a
    rate similar to WiSpyConsole and the Linux WiSPY-Tools.

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    Default thanks for the

    thanks for the explanation.

    if i get you right, the hardware is then capable of outputting about 20 measurements a second. is that right?

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