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Thread: Newbie Wi-Spy OS X question

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    Default Newbie Wi-Spy OS X question


    You might want to try our software for OSX instead of this Kismet
    software - though ours was built for 10.4 it *might* work on the lower

    I would not try the very latest universal binary we posted yesterday - but the slightly older version 2.0 of our EaKiu software.

    Go to:

    Then go to the DOWNLOAD page. You could *try* the latest 3.0b universal
    binary but if that doesn't work go down a bit on the page and download
    the non-universal binary (PPC) version 2.0.

    In version 2.0 libUSB is already compiled in for you - no need to
    compile and install yourself. In version 3.0b we don't even use libUSB
    (we use the native Apple library).

    Again, these were built under 10.4.6 but there is a good chance that at least version 2.0 of EaKiu will work for you.


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    Default Hi.


    Wow! I downloaded both V.2 and v.3 of EaKiu. I fired up v.3, and it
    seems to be working fine. Not by any means, have I tested all the
    features, but everything I have tried has worked very well. Thanks very
    much for an excellent program and for encouraging me to give it a try
    on 10.3.9.

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    Default Newbie Wi-Spy OS X question


    My apologies if this question is out of line. I am running 10.3.9 on a Ti PowerBook. I just received Wi-Spy. I tried to install the Wispy tools from Kismet. This failed with the claim that libusb is not present. I tried to install libusb from source available at sourceforge. This also failed. I was not able to determine why from the messages. I tried to install libsub via Darwinports. This seemed to work. However, when I went back to try to install wispy-tools, it still claimed that libusb was absent. Has anyone made this work? If so, can you offer instructions?

    It appers that if I were running 10.4.6, I could try Eakiu, but I'm hot ready to go to 10.4 yet.

    Thanks for any help that you can offer.


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