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Thread: New OSX Software released for Wi-Spy!!!

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    Default New OSX Software released for Wi-Spy!!!


    After recently purchasing the Wi-Spy device I discovered that the OSX
    software 'wispy' would not work in GTK mode with my version of OSX
    (PPC) software. So... I decided to write my own OSX Wi-Spy program and
    here it is for all of you.

    Some features:

    1) Offers 3 graphing modes... Linear, Spectrum, and 3D Interactive Spectrum

    2) Does not require GTK (this is an openGL based program)

    3) No compiling or other 3rd party libraries required (it's all in the binary)

    4) Supports CSV recording and playback

    5) CSV playback does NOT require the Wi-Spy USB hardware!

    6) Fully threaded application (data acquisition is concurrent with display)

    7) Allows you to view CURRENT, AVERAGE, PEAK, and MAXIMUM data in all graph modes

    To download the program (OSX PPC only, no INTEL version yet) head over
    to the EaKiu website at:

    You will find the binary download along with screen shots and all information on how to run the program.

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    Default This is awesome! I love the

    This is awesome! I love the 3-D view with the changing colors (changes with amplitude similar to the spectrogram). Great job!!

  3. Default April 20, 2006.... The

    April 20, 2006....

    The latest vesion of EaKiu has been released at:

    This is version 1.2 and includes the following features and changes:

    - Cleaned up unnecessary 3D calls

    - Removed AVERAGE array and made CURRENT OVER TIME handle it

    - Added AIRPORT scanning capability (wireless neighborhood)

    - Added '-a' command line switch to force AIRPORT not to be used or initialized upon startup (avoids all AIRPORT calls)

    - Added 'a' key to view AIRPORT network neighborhood

    - Added 'A' key to toggle AIRPORT use

    - Added Open/Closed channel marker arrows for AIRPORT

    - Added a Data Clear on looping file playback and startup

    - Upgraded libUSB to version libusb-0.1.12 (latest)

    - Changed positioning of upper left status/info lines

    - Modified a variety of upper left messages

    - Corrected 3D drawing method and fixed perspective problems

    - Muted 3D rotate/tilt controls to be less sensitive

    - Added REMOTE and LOCAL sensing (WOOT!) Multi-threaded server. (thanks for the suggestion from Peter Fuhr)

    - Added command line -s and -S to launch remote threaded server

    - Added -c to launch local wireless client

    - Got rid of cursor jump on initial movement in 3D world

    - Cleaned up software shutdown sequence

    - Modified PEAK trace to hold for 2 seconds before doing a smooth transition to CURRENT over time.

    - Modified MAX trace to hold for 1 minute before doing a smooth transition to PEAK over time.

    - Added true max white markers to LINEAR view

    - Added 'i' key to take TGA snapshots (thanks for the suggestion from Eric Carr)


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    Default April 21, 2006

    April 21, 2006

    We have just released EaKiu version 1.3 for OSX (PPC).

    This version includes a subdirectory named LINUXspy which has souce
    code and instructions (see the README.txt in the LINUXspy subdirectory)
    for building a Wi-Spy remote server for LINUX.

    With version 1.2 EaKiu included the OSX server / client mode. With this
    version you can also create a stand-alone LINUX server and use the
    EaKiu program in client mode to view wi-fi data on the LINUX server.

    The latest version is available at:


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    Default Very cool!

    Very cool!

    Like, I was impressed when I got wispy_gtk up and running on my
    powerbook, but EaKiu is just to much nicer. Actually, it's freakin'

    One suggestion I have is to throttle the incoming data a bit. While it
    is pretty neat that the program is graphing as fast at the WiSpy can
    pass the data, the high read rate and frame rate is a big CPU hog (its
    using 70%+ of my CPU). I'd like to be able to adjust that up or down
    while running the program.

    Additionally, It would be cool if you could be able to adjust the
    timeframe in the spectrum graph, like in the windows WiSpy software. By
    displaying more than ten seconds of data, the spectrum graphs are
    infinitely more useful.

    Still, i'm pretty impressed with the amount of coolness packed into a 70 KB executable.

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    Default We are pleased to announce

    We are pleased to announce version 1.4 of EaKiu which includes a LARGE
    number both new and requested features (see the README or website for a
    full list of changes).

    With this version you can now adjust the FPS GL frame rate, the rate at
    which data is read, the size of the averaging window, and lots more!
    This should help reduce load on your CPU.

    Also with this version you can now increase the chart depth from the
    current 400 rows to a total of 5000 rows (or as low as 50 rows) -
    giving your more signal over time to view.

    As stated above, you can also adjust the averaging time anywhere to be within the chart depth (3 to 5000 samples).

    We have also changed the overall coloring of the data so that -30 is red, and -60 is blue. This is also adjustable.

    The new system also saves most of the important settings in a configuration file, which is readback at setup.

    There are lots more changes - be sure to grab this version from the website at:


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    Default Many thanks!

    Many thanks!

    I guess my last question concerns the linear graph. Is there a reason
    why it goes from -30 dB to 0 dB? I was unaware that the WiSpy had
    sensitivity in that range.

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    Default Aloha Tamerlane... I made

    Aloha Tamerlane... I made EaKiu full range (-60 to 0 dBm) for a number
    of reasons. First, I was unsure if the Wi-Spy was actually limited to
    those signal strengths... second, future Wi-Spy devices may cover those
    ranges... third, there is the possibility that I might incorporate
    other sensor capability into the software that would go into those

    I *am* thinking about having YAO (yet another option) to allow -30 to be the top of the graph, so that it is switchable.

    Geeze and to think that I *do* have 3 day jobs too (none of which include EaKiu)

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    Default Well, I guess the full-range

    Well, I guess the full-range idea is pretty logical. But from my
    experience (and from what I've heard from others), the saturation point
    on the WiSpy is at around -30 dB.

    For instance, I've put the wispy unit in front of a running microwave
    oven (which is real fun to watch in the 3D views), and it pegged the
    whole spectrum at -31 dB.

    [img_assist|nid=235|title=microwave|desc=|link=none |align=none|width=450|height=338]

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    Default Thx a lot MrIcee for your

    Thx a lot MrIcee for your wonderful software.

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