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Thread: External Antenna?

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    Default External Antenna?

    Any chance of a factory-installed external antenna connector? Or even a
    properly-engineered gain antenna reflector you could slip over the end
    of the device while it's on a USB extension to use for


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    Default On that note, how hard would

    On that note, how hard would it be to solder on a connecter or pigtail
    to the board? How hard is it to crack open? If there's any antenna in
    there at all, it should be possible to replace it with a piece of
    LMR-100A to N-MALE. Of course, the bonus points would be if you get an
    antenna connector and have it calibrated to zero gain so that the readings could be used accurately, and you could factor in the known dBi of your antenna...

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    Default There is a PCB trace

    There is a PCB trace antenna inside the Wi-Spy. Concerning cracking
    open the hardware, hacking an external antenna, etc. there is a thread
    on Google Groups that may interest you:*

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    Default This is my external antenna

    This is my external antenna mod of the Wi-Spy:

    [img_assist|nid=198|title=wi-spy-hack-antenna|desc=|link=none|align=none|width=450|heigh t=153]

    [img_assist|nid=200|title=extwispy|desc=|link=none| align=none|width=168|height=600]

    I Use it to connect a 5dBi Rubber Duck antenna for surveys or directional antenna for finding the source of interference.


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