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Thread: Problem with WiSpy displaying data

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    Default Problem with WiSpy displaying data

    I have just received my WiSpy unit but cannot get it to display any
    activity. I have tried it on my tower system and a laptop. Am I missing
    something or being a little dim?

    The LED is lit green and I get no error messages.

    I have bluetooth, Wifi and 2.4ghz video sender but see no activity.

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    Default As a further point, if I

    As a further point, if I start the software first, then plug in the USB
    receiver, I get around 1 second of data logged then nothing more.

    If I unplug the USB receiver and re-insert, it still does not receive.
    Only a reboot will get me back to seeing the first 1 second of data.

    This is the same on 3 pcs.

    I can see that a few people have viewed this thread but no one has yet replied.

    Does anyone from MetaGeek read this forum?

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    Default First, I don't work with

    First, I don't work with Metageek.... Second, I don't use the windows
    software.... However, I did write the Mac EaKiu software and also Linux
    software and know a thing or two about USB drivers in general.

    It *sounds* to me like there might be some other software installed
    that is taking control of the USB hub... perhaps an inspector or other
    such scanning device. However, the fact that you ran this on 3 pc's
    with the same results would mean that same problem would happen on all
    those pc's.

    IT IS ALSO POSSIBLE - that you have a faulty wispy!

    I do have a PC at home (DELL runninig XP Pro) and it works fine (using
    the Metageek windows software) - and nobody else has reported such
    action in these forums (and there are alot of Windows users) - so this
    must be particular to your environment or a faulty wispy.

    You might try returning it for an exchange - or take your wispy to some
    computer dealer and install the software and try it on their machine
    (if it does the same thing I'd say it was the hardware).

    The Metageek folk do read the forum, btw, but I suspect they're on summer vacation at the moment.

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    Default Hi MrIcee,

    Hi MrIcee,

    Thank you for your reply. I have now returned my WiSpy to their UK
    dealer for testing and will post the conclusion in this tread. I am
    sure it must be faulty but wanted to rule out anything I was

    I have seen your EaKiu software and would love this to be available for the PC. Do you have any plans in this regard?


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    Default Dannolan,


    If the hardware is faulty please email infoATmetageekDOTnet as we are
    interested in any hardware failures that do occur. I have not heard or
    seen this behavior before, but if it happens on three different PCs
    there is definitely something going on. Do you have any other USB HID
    hardware such as USB keyboard or mouse connected to any of these PCs?
    The Wi-Spy uses the same driver, so if the keyboard and mouse work that
    would provide more data.

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    Thank you for your forum comments. I recieved a new WiSpy unit from your UK dealer this mornming and it works fine now.

    It must have been a faulty unit.

    Thanks for your help



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