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    Default RSSI level

    The RSSI level canīt show higher signal level then -50 dBm.
    In previous ver 1.0.6 it was ok with signal level up to -35 dBm for station close to Inssider.

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    Default We had some problems with

    We had some problems with the original RSSI values, so we now calculate the RSSI value based on signal strength, where 100% corresponds to -50dBm and 0% corresponds to -100dBm. We will continue to research the RSSI errors with the original Native WiFi API.

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    Default I'm using version

    I'm using version Can't go higher than -50 RSSI? No problem:
    [img_assist|nid=616|title=Forty dBm RSSI level|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=450|height= 395]

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    Default And one more comment: -90

    And one more comment: -90 dBm is rather unrealistic. That would require a really good low-noise amplifier to catch a signal that low a level. I understand why you use the term "RSSI", it's because you have nothing to base the Signal Strength value on.

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    Default FYI Ver



    Windows 7 Built 7022

    All RSSI levels show*mostly 50 here, with a few drop-outs...

    Also falsely showing WAPs jumping around channels.

    Works fine on XP Pro...


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    Default I'm seeing signal values

    I'm seeing signal values of* +160 - not negative 160, positive 160. These are not from my own access point.

    This seems to continually happen on channel 6 only and on two different ssid's "NETGEAR" and "HOME".* There are multiple defaults around me (netgear, linksys, etc.)* The one popping up to +160 is not all that strong normally.*

    Here's some of the data:

    macColumn*ssidColumn*channelColumn*signalColumn*se curityColumn*typeColumn*speedColumn

    00:40:10:20:00:03**XYZQ1*** ** 2** -77* WEP** Access Point* 54

    00:22:3f:7f:c5:32** NETGEAR*11* -82* None* Access Point* 36

    00:1b:2f:66:48:86* NETGEAR** 6*160* None* Access Point* 36*

    Thoughts?* I'm using an Intel Pro/Wireless 3945ABG card.* I have Cisco's Secure Services Client running at the same time but I am not connected to an 802.1x authenticated system just a simple WEP network.

    I have also seen this happen on another SSID called "home" on the same channel. I have not seen both of them do this at the same time.


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