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Thread: [feedback] sensor detections interferences

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    Default [feedback] sensor detections interferences

    Hi ,

    I'm a new wispy user, and happy because it helps me to find an interference.
    I manage some warehouse , equiped with mouvement detection sensor, and wi spy confirm me that they are the cause of the interference. I have 25 warehouses which had the problem !

    So, as I didn't see anything about sensor capture mouvement, I write this post as an information post. Maybe it can helps someone who has same problem as me

    - a picture of a sensor :

    - links for the wsr file :

    - below, a preview of the interference,

  2. Default Thank you for the

    Thank you for the recording!* We will put that into our recording library!* I'm sure the MetaGeek community will appreciate knowing of yet another source of possible interference.

    It looks like you are fairly close to the sensor.* Is that correct?

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    Default Hi, Yes, I took the


    Yes, I took the screenshot when the wispy was next to the sensor
    if you want, I can find an other report wich shows the interference when wyspy is more far.
    Approximatively, the interference is still present up to 50 meters from the sensor

    I you want, I can give you a short list of models which are concerned

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    Default To complete the

    To complete the informations,

    Here a list of sensors I have that are not wifi friendly

    GE security DD455 // DD475/DD100;loc_code=EEU

    C&K dualtec Motion sensors : DG1000 series

    Optex MX40QZ

    All those intrusion sensors are not wifi compliants, and have quasi all the "same" signature (picture)


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