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Thread: Programming information for wi-spy dbx (API , Activex ,...)

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    Default Programming information for wi-spy dbx (API , Activex ,...)


    i have an wi-spy dbx and i want write my own program like chanalyzer.

    My favorit Programming Language :
    1. VB 6
    2. C# .net 3.5
    3. C++

    i have some question about your product :
    1. How we can speak with device ? (AT Command or similar)
    2. How device answer our command ?
    3. is there any source code sample for above programming languages ?
    4. is there any ActiveX , DLL or API for programming with Wi-Spy dbx (for Windows) ?


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    Default Have you read the dev specs

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    Default Hi,

    Hi, is not support Wi-Spy 2.4x

    Can you release new document ?

    (WiSpyHardwareInterface.pdf don't have any Feature Report, user can't used GetFeatureReport to get Raw data)


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    Default hi , yes , i saw these

    hi ,
    yes , i saw these document, but i can't find any answere to my questions.
    i request from your suport team to release some programming sample source code to describe relation of programming language and your device.


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    Default Im just a user like you

    Im just a user like you guys, so this is where Im at. Maybe trent can help out.

    Device : WiSpy dbx
    I did a quick usb sniff copied what I saw.

    I connected to the WiSpy DBx as a HID Device
    Sent a 0x20 (32 byte) Write Feature of
    53 10 0F 58 82 57 00 E3 50 01 00 48 E8 01 00 EA
    00 08 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

    edit : A little more info .
    From the above packet.
    53 10 0F - Dont know
    58 82 57 00 - Start Freq 00 57 82 58 -> 5735.000
    E3 50 01 - Step Size 01 50 E3 -> 86.243

    ie: Zoom into channel 149
    To convert reverse byte order, convert to dec. and divide by 1000.
    I have not worked out what this is yet, but guess its the paramaters of what to scan (and a time stamp???)

    Once I did that I get a sequence of 0x40 (64byte) Packets back. these look like data packets as per the WsrFileFormat doc.


    edit 2:
    Of the packet above (data) I think it is something like
    4A - Start of Packet ????
    B700 - Reading offset, like above reverse 00 B7
    This is the number of "steps" from the starting freq.
    The remaining data is the actual values read.

    This was 1 of the 5Gig channgels ie zoomed in. Not sure if the return length is just fixed at 0x40 bytes or if is releated to the number of readings needed for a single pass; I need to think a bit more.

    So based on this, we need to know.
    a) what is packet layout for the 0x20 byte Feature sent to the device
    b) The packet of the reply.

    Comments and feedback on the above anyone?

  6. Default Currently the DBx API is not

    Currently the DBx API is not released publicly...* But it looks like there is a fair amount of interest, I'll talk to the developers.*

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    Default Hi We have immediate need

    We have immediate need for Wi-Spy DBX API. Please announce your release time. What is the good news for programmers ? please explain.
    Considering that Chanalyzer program only works with your device ,I do not think publishing the source on open source or publishing API make problem for you. What is your comment?

    Thanks for Answere


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