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Thread: Porting Chanalyzer to the Mac

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    Default Porting Chanalyzer to the Mac

    I would be very interested in helping to port Chanelyzer to Mac OS X if there exists a want to do so.

  2. Default We really appreciate the

    We really appreciate the offer to help port Chanalyzer to Mac OS X!* Right now there are some people getting Eakiu to support the Wi-Spy DBx, so that will be working pretty well soon.* We check the statistics of how many mac users visit the website, and while it isn't significant, it is in our interest to have Chanalyzer run on Mac OS X as well, mostly because we'd love to see it on Mac just as much as the next guy. However we've got some really cool things we are releasing in the next couple of months, that we think our customers will enjoy.

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    Default "... However we've got some

    "... However we've got some really cool things we are releasing in the next couple of months, that we think our customers will enjoy."

    Sounds cool! Does this mean for the Mac too? Just so you know, my personal computer is a Mac (I have a few of them in fact) although I work with Windows professionally . I wonder how many Mac users know of WiSpy? Of course, since the WiSpy is more of a professional tool I reckon most of the folks getting this will be in IT. (Or hard-core geeks, like me.) That pretty much means Windows or Linux, in my experience.

    Anyway, I would like to extend an offer help out with getting the DBx to work with the Mac in the OS X environment too. Whether it's a clone or port of Chanalyzer or some new app, I would make time to help with the development effort if needed. I'll keep watching this thread and if there is any interest I can exchange contact info with others that want to help out with such a project.

    BTW, (and I apologize for not pouring through all the resources here, so forgive me if the info is somewhere else) is there a published API for the WiSpy DBx? TIA.


  4. Default Hi Ersin, The software

    Hi Ersin,

    The software Eakiu, which works for Mac now supports Wi-Spy DBx .* This is a great software utility,that was even featured at WWDC. Here is a video someone took of it:* We don't officially support EaKiu, but we enjoy what they've done.

    There is a linux version as well that will soon support the DBx as well.* The author of Kismet also authors Spectools which uses the Wi-Spy v1 and 2.4x.* We will let you know when the support becomes available.

    Also, You can always run Chanalyzer in a virtualized environment, we developed Chanalyzer on macs here in VMWare.*

    So don't misinterpret our love for Mac, it just isn't a big enough market segment to devote our time to right now, especially with such a great program like EaKiu already there.


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