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Thread: Wifi results are not updated

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    Default Wifi results are not updated

    We are using accesspoints which can dynamically change the channel (Aruba equipment).
    In Chanalyzer this is not detected, we keep seeing the same Channels and SSID's.

    Stop scanning / Start scanning doesn't make any difference.

    Is it possible that Chanalyzer really refreshes this list, or to rescan manually?

    Insidder can see the channel changing immediately, so the change is really made


  2. Default Anton, Thanks for the


    Thanks for the feedback, I have logged this, and we will take care of it!* Thanks again!


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    Default Guys: This is funny, I


    This is funny, I noticed the same thing yesterday - I was actually troubleshooting and noticed the the channel switch on the access point did not reflect in the Wifi section. Stop or start did not help. Additionally it did not update in the topographic view either.

    InSSIDer updates channel changes with no problems. I'm looking forward to an update to fix the Chanalyzer.

    BTW I am enjoying this tool.

  4. Default This will be fixed in the

    This will be fixed in the next release of chanalyzer.


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