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    Default Wi-Spy DBx

    I am in need of a spectrum analyzer for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz for a project I am working on. I am willing to wait up to a week for the DBx. I just do not want to waste anyone's time in waiting for a product if it's not going to be released in a time frame that will fit with my schedule. I have signed up to be notified when it is released because I think this will be a perfect fit, but my issue is that the project is in progress and the need is immediate.

    Any response or information is greatly appreciated.

    -Bret McHone

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    Default I have the same need. I

    I have the same need. I ordered the DBX thursday night (1/8/2009), and it was shipped the next day. Fedex tracking shows its on schedule for delivery this tuesday (I used 2 day shipping).

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    Default I received mine and am

    I received mine and am beginning to play with it.

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    Default I received mine also. Great

    I received mine also. Great product - I am looking forward to getting better at detecting interferences.


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