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Thread: Cloaked SSID?

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    Default Cloaked SSID?

    Excuse the newbie question, but does inSSIDer detect cloaked AP's (ie access points which don't transmit a beacon)? Since inSSIDer uses windows wifi API, I assume it doesn't, but several posts on the web seem to indicate that it does.

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    Cloaked APs do transmit a beacon, but the beacon does not contain the SSID of the AP.* InSSIDer indicates cloaked APs SSID as "unknown".

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    Hi!* Welcome to the forum!* InSSIDer will show the cloaked SSID as "unknown."* So you'll know what channel it is on, and how strong the signal is.

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    Default cloaked SSID == cloaked network

    I have a Netgear WNR2000 wireless N router that, when its SSID broadcast is disabled, inSSIDer (version does not report on it at all (as if that network is not even detected). When the Netgear's SSID broadcast is enabled (on the fly), then inSSIDer reports it just as if it had powered on. In either case a laptop has no problem making a connection with the Netgear WNR2000.

    An AirLink101 802.11g WAP was used as a sanity check, and it was reported as "Unknown" or by its SSID according to its broadcast setting as expected. These tests with inSSIDer were conducted using two wireless adapters (Intel and Atheros) on two PCs (Win7 and XP).

    Is this expected behavior by inSSIDer, that it cannot detect some APs when the AP is not broadcasting its SSID?

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