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    Default Interference help needed

    I'm currently troubleshooting a wireless problem where certain users are getting disconnected from wireless every 15-20 minutes. This room is a conference room that uses a AMX control system for lighting, blinds, televsion and projector viewing. Also this room is very close to a server room where many tests are being conducted that could be using wireless.
    I was able to capture the attached chanalyzer file when I was in the same room where a user has this problem. At approximately 37:00 into the file the user was disconnected and I saw a ton of interference between 2.425 and 2.5 Ghz for 5 seconds and then some on 2.44 and 2.45 Ghz for 40 seconds. Could someone please give me a suggestion as to what this is.
    Also another point to note is that the user is connected to an AP on channel 1 and their is another AP on channel 6 that is on another network. Both networks use Proxim AP4000 access points.
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    Default How would I add the

    How would I add the chanalyzer file and jpeg attachment?

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    Hello Juxtapoz,* Welcome to the MetaGeek Forums!* I attached the recording to your forum post.* Note to anyone else attempting to download it, it is only compatible with Chanalyzer 2.1.* It is pretty difficult to actually identify the source of interference from recordings using a Wi-Spy v1 due to the lower resolution.

    But I took a pretty good look at the recording, and I believe you are experiencing some trouble with a microwave.* You can check out some 2.4x recordings of microwaves here.* They generally make a angled mountain shape.* And can cause interference at sporadic times, whenever someone uses the device.*

    I recommend leaving a laptop recording the activity, and turn on each microwave nearby, and seeing where they appear in the spectrum.* That should give you a good idea of what channels will be effective for your WiFi.

    I hope that helps.* Thank you for supporting Wi-Spy!

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    Default I would be interested in

    I would be interested in seeing your recording, but I don't see that I can download it.


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