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Thread: EaKiu for WiSpy DBX

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    Default EaKiu for WiSpy DBX

    Just for everyone wondering (and by judging by our email, that is quite a bit of you)....

    EaKiu WILL support the WiSpy DBX once we have received our unit from MetaGeek and have integrated it into the EaKiu code base.

    Also, within a couple of weeks we will also be releasing EaKiuRemote for iPhone which allows EaKiu server streams to be remotely monitored with an iPhone (this will appear in the Apple App Store once we complete our beta test period - assuming Apple approves it).

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    Default This sounds great! I would

    This sounds great! I would love to use your product, but only have Linux and windows. Will you be supporting one of these platforms or both?


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