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    Hi, I have some problems with interference at a site. After reading this and some other threads I think that the interference I get is from some PIR motion detectors at the site.

    I'll attach the recording so you can take a look at it. When I did the recording I turned off all the ap's on the site.

    When I did the recording I was walking around in the building. At 17:08 I mess around with some microwave and later some wlan filetransfer and bluetooth so you don't need to bother with that part.

    At some parts in the capture I have the antenna right next to the motion detector. This parts is around 16:33, 16:37, 16:39, 16:41, 16:48, 16:57 and 17:04

    I have spoken with the facility staff at the site and they are looking into turning the sensors off so that I can confim that they are the source of interference. But it would be nice if someone else also can share their opinion.

    Also some of the sensors looks to be newer and I guess they are sending on another frequencie. I don't get any reading on them in Chanalyzer.

    Seems like the file is to big for attachment. Should I maybe e-mail it ?
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