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Thread: PIR Motion Detector interference

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    Default PIR Motion Detector interference

    this is a recording of signal in a big floor with wispy 2.4x. All around i can see this type of interference but i can't find the source of this interference. In this floor there are 6 access point Cisco 1242, in channel 1,6,11,5.
    But i always see a lot of interference in channel 2,3,4,7,8,9. The signal seems like the Signature of Philips Video Transmitter, but in this floor there aren't Video transmitter or similar. this floor is populated of PC, printer not wireless. there aren't wireless camera and the interference doesn't come from the floor above and under.
    can someone help me? have someone see an interfernce like this? is possible to load the recording of interference?
    Thanks a lot.

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  2. Default Wow!* Those do look like

    Wow!* Those do look like wireless video devices.* Is it possible to send us a recording? (wsr file).I'll post it up so other people can look at it too.

    There could be wireless video devices on other floors too.* Try walking around the building with a laptop and a Wi-Spy.* Make sure you press the lock button.* When the signal strength increases you'll know you're closer to the devices, it looks like there are two of them.

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    Default I have to say - This is a

    I have to say - This is a very intreeging image that you have submitted. I would be interested in viewing it myself.

    Trent - I realize that this is probably comming from a wireless video camera, but, is it possible for a non- wirless video camera to also transmit a strong enough rf signal within the 2.4ghz - that can cause interference?


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    Default Hi, thanks all for replay. i


    thanks all for replay.

    i have just try to walk around the floor with laptop.

    the only thing that i see is that frequecy of picks change if i walk, but the amplitude is the same.

    There are Video Camera, but not wireless. I have walked around all the offices but signal is always present, even if in some point the amplitude is higher, but i can't see any device that can do this interference.

    In these link there are recordings of interference:

    i hope these are usefull.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Default thanks for replay. the links

    thanks for replay.

    the links of recordings are above.

    i hope you can help me!

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    Default cmaiolani: Do you think you


    Do you think you could possibly turn off these cameras temporarily and see if the signal there is any change?


  7. Default Could there be hidden

    Could there be hidden cameras like an x10 or something similar for inventory and employee accountability in the office?

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    Default i've tried but nothing

    i've tried but nothing happened...

    the interference is still the same!


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    Default Cmaiolani: What kind of


    What kind of business is/was this? For example is it a clinic or hospital with radiology equipment? What are the neighboring offices?

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    Default No, is a common floor with


    is a common floor with several offices, so there are PC, printer (no wireless), server.

    we can't find any particolualr equipment that can creates

    this kind of interference.

    for a moment i have thoght that interference can came from outside, but it doesn't.

    any idea.


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