Just a heads up on a couple of issues with EaKiu 5.0:

* One user is reporting that while EaKiu 5.0 is recognizing the DBx, no data ever appears to be graphed. We are investigating. If anyone else is experiencing this, please let us know.

***UPDATE*** The user has reported that starting EaKiu, and then inserting and removing the DBx once or twice, does cause it to start showing data. We are still investigating however.

* Avoid minimizing the EaKiu window (so it is just in the Dock) with a WiSpy device plugged in. If left for an extended period of time (around 15 to 30 minutes) it can hang and can't be killed. This might also affect the ability to reboot the computer (if so, open a terminal window and do a: shutdown -r now). We *believe* that this is due to the HID library we are using. Apple has replaced it with a new library in 10.5 and we are currently integrating the new library in hopes it will solve this problem.

* We have seen a couple of times where EaKiu 5.0 will crash on startup when a DBx is in place, or if a DBx is plugged in or removed while EaKiu is running. It is a rare situation and we have not been able to identify the problem at this time. If this happens to you, simply restart the program and it most likely will be fine.

Once we have the new HID library in place we will release a new update.