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    Default Fluctuating signal strength

    I have a scan of one of my installations and wondering if anyone else has experienced similar behavior. I have 6 Metrix APs with Atheros cards distributed throughout the building. Each floor has 3 APs, channels 1, 6, and 11, with the opposite floor arranged so that thru floor interference won't occur. A few months ago, I started experiencing some very odd signal strength readings. Current scan is attached. I have searched for sources of interference, but have come up empty so far. There is a municipal airport a few miles away, but they don't have a traffic control radar. I am getting the fluctuating signal everywhere throughout the entire building.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

    Bob Nicksic

  2. Default Hi Bob, I'm sorry to say I

    Hi Bob, I'm sorry to say I have no idea why that happens, but I see behavior like that all the time from certain access points in our office complex.* When I get a chance, I'll try using Wi-Spy to figure out whether the signal strength of the AP is actaully fluctuating, or whether the wireless card in the PC is just picking it up at different levels.

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    Default I got a Wi-Spy DBx and

    I got a Wi-Spy DBx and confirmed that the signal strength is fluctuating. I didn't pick up any noticeable interference, so this is even more perplexing.

  4. Default Interesting.* I couldn't

    Interesting.* I couldn't find too much information about the access point you are using.* I think it is a Soekris platform, and is pretty flexible as far as how it might be configured.* There was a Cisco access point in our old building that used to fluctuate like that, and we speculated that it was due to the fact that it was using POE over an extremely long ethernet cable.* However, since that time we have observed many other Cisco access points behaving the same way.* I don't know, maybe they automatically cycle their beacon transmit power to reduce potential interference?* Does the power appear to fluctuate when the access point is being heavily used (like during a large file transfer), or only when it is idle?

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    Default I see the same pattern with

    I see the same pattern with our Meru installation.
    Seeing multiple APs with the same SSID it appears to log the RSSI it sees no matter if its the one closest (strongest) or the farthest (weakest). .. In some areas I see wild swings of -30 to -40 DB or more.. If I put an SSID on just a Single AP, it levels back down to typical low variance for that SSID. So your seeing the signal *range* for that SSID from ALL the different APs in that spot.

  6. Default Excellent observation. I

    Excellent observation. I will log this.


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