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Thread: eBay purchase Wi-Spy 2.4x

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    Default eBay purchase Wi-Spy 2.4x

    Greetings all,

    First of all I want to say how impressed I am with Metageek products!! I mean, really impressed!!

    So, my question is I just purchased a "new" Wi-Spy 2.4x dongle on eBay at a great seems to work as expected. Is this the "real" dongle as sold on MetaGeek or a copy? How can one tell if this is the latest version available?

    My plan is to learn how to use this device and start a wireless network-only business on the side. I work full time as a Network Administrator for a government agency and need some extra $$$ for the toys!! My plan is to purchase the Wi-Spy DBx as funds allow

    Thanks for any and all advice you can offer.

    Ed (webGuyE)

  2. Default My guess would be that it is

    My guess would be that it is a legitimate Wi-Spy.* Have you tried the latest software from the website?* It will enable hardware configuration for the Wi-Spy 2.4x.* You will enjoy being able to right click on a channel, and "zoom" into it.Also, that lock at the bottom will be very useful to click.Thank you for the positive feedback!

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    Default One the

    One the install manual for the 2.4x its mentioned a green LED light......mine either doesn't have one or its not lighting? Any thoughts?

    Also, is there a way of determining the firmware version on the dongle?


  4. Default The original Wi-Spy (Wi-Spy

    The original Wi-Spy (Wi-Spy v1) had a green light when it was plugged in.* The Wi-Spy 2.4x does not.** There isn't an easy way to determine the firmware version.* What do you need the firmware version for?

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    Default Hey Trent......just making

    Hey Trent......just making sure I have the "real deal" ....... by-the-way, the more I use the dongle with Chanalyzer 3.2 the more impressed I am with your product and MetaGeek's engineering talent!!

    What other "great stuff" you guys coming out with in the future?

  6. Default Thanks, Ed!* We're happy to

    Thanks, Ed!* We're happy to have you in the Wi-Spy community.* We are working on all kinds of "great stuff" right now, including a 900 MHz Wi-Spy and new versions of Chanalyzer for WIndows and Mac. Of course, we're also always working to continuously improve our existing products, as well.


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