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Thread: Multiple 2.4x's

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    Default Multiple 2.4x's


    Is it possible to monitor multiple 2.4x's at the same time connected to remote stations?

    We have a large wireless network at our office, and would like to have units setup around the building to monitor the network from a central location.


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    Default You can use recon on remote

    You can use recon on remote computers/notebooks with the WiSpy attached. Then use chanalyzer to connect to the recon program on the remote computers.

    I just had a quick play.

    Remote PC, reccon alpha. Default settings. The PC has a 2.4 and a dbx plugged it.

    Chanalyzer 3.2 found both via the broadcast. can I can connect to both. I needed to run chanalyzer then click the "reset" button on recon before I could see them.

    The connect to "IP Address" did not seem to do anything, not sure why.

    So Yes it can be done if on the same subnet and using broadcast, reconal alpha may need a litte more work, but like it said, it is an alpha release.

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    Default Thanks, will give it a try

    Thanks, will give it a try as soon as we get some more 2.4x's

  4. Default The new Chanalyzer 3.3 and

    The new Chanalyzer 3.3 and Recon 2 Beta should be working better. They are available for download now.

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    Default Trent, I have downloaded

    Trent, I have downloaded both new versions.

    Note sure on the correct way to connect to a remote device, but it still seems a little wierd.

    What I would have expected is
    1. Run recon on the remote PC (seems OK)
    2. Set the port to listen for a connection (seems ok)
    3. Run Chanalyzer on central PC (seems ok)
    4. Connect to recon simply be entering IP address/Host name and port and connect. Then see a list of devices you can connect to. When I key in the IP address for "Manually connect to remote..." it Pops up the window, I key in the correct details, but nothing seems to happen. Some indication that "new units" have been found would be good.

    What i noticed is it seems to wait till it receives a broadcast. Not sure why it needs to be a broadcast?

    Then you can only select the remote wifi untis from the "Your Options" page. Ie: from the window you see when no wifi devices are "connected".

    Even when there are units you can connect to via recon the Menu "File->Open Device" is still disabled.

    Note: To be able to simple have a list of devices that I can pick from is all I need. These can and will be on different subnets. So no broadcast or at least an option not to use broadcast would be better for me.

    I did note that the actual data transfer is not broadcast so thats good.

    All that said, it does work, but I have not yet tested on differnet subnets.


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