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Thread: Anyone see this before?

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    Default Anyone see this before?

    I work at a university and we had a complaint about wireless not being good. I used the chanalyer and this is what i found. Everything was clear and then traffic on every channel popped up. Any idea what this is?

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    Hi and welcome to the forum!* This signal is 802.11b.* My best guess is that the access point is at -100dBM on channel 11, and that signal above it, is just another computer uploading something to that access point.Because the Wi-Spy is captured at -40dBm, I would guess it is your computer, or a computer in the same room.* Generally your computer's signal would be about -30dBm.Now that you know what you're looking for, you should experiment with the Wi-Spy a little.* Press that little lock button at like 5 minutesand walk around and turn on a microwave, start a download, start an upload.... see what kind of devices you can find!For more examples see our Recordings Library:Wi-Spy Recordings Library 802.11b Signals


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