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Thread: Need Help with 2.4ghz interference issues!

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    Default Need Help with 2.4ghz interference issues!


    I am new in the WIFI business and to this point have learned alot. Now I have encountered a problem that I have been unable to figure out even with a little expert help. I have 3 towers in 3 communities in rural South Florida out of the 3 towers 1 tower is having really bad through put issues in a small area directly in front of the tower. I have run the Wi-spi for the last 24 hours and saved the recording. I have watched alot of the videos to try to figure out what I was seeing but cannot make heads or tales of it.

    The through put goes from say 8000kbps to 79kbps in a matter of seconds and there doesn't seem to be any pattern to it. This is on a CPE that has direct line of sight with the tower at maybe 3/4 of a mile max. I have other customers to the east and west of this location with very steady through put readings so this is very frustrating at best.

    I would like to know if there is somewhere I can send the recording and have someone with a little more experience help me read the results.

    Thanks in advance for the help!!!!

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    We would like to see a recording of this!* You can send it to us using the email support at metageek dot net.* I will then post it on this forum for other people to comment on.thanks!


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