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Thread: What is this?

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    Default What is this?

    ALthough I am impressed by he way how you recognise the patterns I am wondering what you can make out of this capture.

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  2. Default That's a weak 802.11 network

    That's a weak 802.11 network signal on channel 1

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    Default But how can you tell? I

    But how can you tell? I haven't found a similar pattern from the library that matches this.
    Pls help me how to recognise the patterns

    PS: Can I add known signatures to the sidebar tab in the application Chanalyzer myself??

  4. Default There are a couple reasons

    There are a couple reasons it may not look like anything in our recordings library.* In the screen shot that you have attached, you have zoomed into channel 1.* Most of the recordings in our library are scanning the entire bandwidth.This looks like an 802.11b device.* The reason I say that, is because of the little indentations or shoulders, and the distance between them (about 10MHz).* You can get a good idea of what the indentations look like by checking out these recordings: is not currently a way to added your own signatures, however if you can send us a signature that is currently not in the list, we will add it!


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