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Thread: 2.4GHz interference

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    Default 2.4GHz interference

    There's an AP on channel 6 under test and just 2 other very low (-90dBm) signal strength APs detected on channel 6 and 11. The test house is on several acres and there is no other 2.4GHz equipment in the house. There is however a high voltage line 100 feet behind the home.

    Any ideas on what would be causing this interference? The amplitude of the interference is high (-50dBm) although the duty cycle is fairly low, so this may not be degrading network performance.

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  2. Default Try moving your AP to

    Try moving your AP to channel 1 and let me know if that resolves anything!

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    Default It's possible that the

    It's possible that the signals to the left and right of Channel 6 are the sidelobes of the Wi-Fi signal. Are they present before the Wi-Fi activity that occurs at the end of that recording?

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    Default Apparently not, it seems

    Apparently not, it seems like the "noise" is actually the sidelobes much higher than I would expect.


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