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    Default Help with interference

    Hi, I am having problems with the wireless connectivity in a large room of ours that has 2 ap's in it. I have attached 2 scans, one with no ap's on, and another with the 2 ap's on. With the 2 ap's on, users have a lot of trouble connecting to the network. When I unplug the ap on channel 1, users seem to have no issues. I am also concerned about the spikes of noise throughout the entire spectrum.

    In the image with the AP's off, the reading in channel 11 that you see is another ap on the other side of the building. Any help would greatly appreciated.


    Scott[img_assist|nid=1452|title=eoc ap's off|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=700|height=55 9][img_assist|nid=1451|title=eoc ap's on|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=700|height=439]

  2. Default Did you already send that

    Did you already send that email to me?* If not can you send it again and mention this forum post?* I'll attach it and look at it.

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    Default Email address

    Hey Trent,

    Thanks for the help. What email can I send that to?


  4. Default support at metageek dot net

    support at metageek dot net

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    Default Help with Interference

    hey Trent i sent some screenshots over today. Thanks again for any help you can provide.


  6. Default Interference from a frequency hopping device

    Hi Scott, thanks for choosing Wi-Spy!* To me, the interfernce that you're up against looks just like something we saw from our neighboring office.* In our case the culprit was wireless Plantronics headsets for the office phones.* They hop accross the entire spectrum without regard for other devices, and when there are a large number of them in use, they really do a number on 2.4GHz wifi.


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