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Thread: unKnown signal in medium 2 floor office building

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    Default unKnown signal in medium 2 floor office building

    Here is a image of my data recorded in about an hours time. There are a lot of AP on channel 11 but my concern is all the little peaks over all the channels. I do not know what this is and can not find a signature that matches it. Anyone that can figure it out please let me know.

    The office is a Two floor building filled with cubicals. approx 45,000 sqft.

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    Hi! Thanks for posting!If you send me the recording, I'd love to post it, so others can look at it as well. ** I'm not sure what the device is, we've seen some baby monitors and audio devices that function very similar to what you're seeing. *You might want to lock your timeframe at 3-5 minutes and walk around until the amplitude increases.* Perhaps you can locate the device that is doing this and let us know what it is.

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    Default Does your office have a

    Does your office have a wireless alarm system? I heard of a very similar style of interference at the college next door to our school. I've not popped over with the WiSpy 2.4x yet but that pattern is a bit like a LOT of ZigBee node wireless alarm motion sensors.

    Incidentally, that constant blue band around Channel 7, have you tried walking into the car park? We have a similar constant signal that comes from someone's wireless car alarm!

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    We have seen that before on these forums! Check it out here:

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    Default Thanks for everyone's

    Thanks for everyone's suggestions, unfortunately this is a remote site in PA that I was visiting at the time. I have however run into a similar signature in a building I am in now. This is a MDU(Multi Dwelling Unit) office building in downtown Raleigh, NC. It has the same peaks throughout the spectrum and none between channels 7-10. I saved the recording if anyone wants it to examine. I know there is a lot of wireless going on and this is a brand new building, less then aprox a year. I am on the 19th floor, the next three floors below me are empty and are under construction. There are floors above me but I do not know what they are using. There is one similarity between the two sites that I can see so far, proximity sensors on various secure doors. I do not know if those can make these signatures. They are using standard ProxCard II and readers. I can not find any motion sensors anywhere. They do not use any kind of automated lighting or energy saving devices on that sort.

    If anyone can help me it would be great, I get all kinds of packet loss. Thanks I am going to start a new thread so I can post the new image.

  6. Default I'd love to post the

    I'd love to post the recording. send it my way. support at metageek dot net


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