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Thread: 802.11B or G? and strange background noise

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    Default 802.11B or G? and strange background noise

    Ok, I'm not sure what is really going on. Sometime yesterday days ago my on 802.11G router, All data shows up as 802.11B and not 802.11G like normal.
    This happened after I tried to setup an Ad-Hoc network between My PDA, a WinXP laptop, and my Vista machine. The Ad-Hoc(B only) showed up on Ch.1 like my APs, now my APs only use B and not G. (I know APs beacon in B) Any ideas?

    And I have this strange interference in the background, it looks like the xbox 360 signature but the xbox and controllers aren't running. What else could it be?

    [img_assist|nid=1523|title=802.11B or G?|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=700|height=603]

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    Default What happens if you move

    What happens if you move your ap to channel 6 or 11.

    I know my G only runs at G levels when needed (eg: High Speed file copies), else it runs at B. Since B is 10 Mbps and most internet sites I visit give me less then that, it stays at B most of the time.

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    Default The activity at the top of

    The activity at the top of the waterfall is a file download. Also, earlier I used Remote Desktop to work on my computer from a laptop, typically it would go to G levels, but it stayed a B levels.

    I don't think it would be wise to move my APs to 6 or 11

    My neighbors have APs on 6, 11, and 9. The Wi-Spy 2.4i doesn't pick them up.

    Any idea about the xbox-like interference in the background?

  4. Default For what you have labeled

    For what you have labeled "802.11b Spilloff,"* That is probably your wireless card scanning.* I imagine that if you turned it off, (or click stop) those would disappear.* It is hard to tell because some cards are much more active than others.* But in this case, i think it is just your wireless card there.The other activity looks to be at -70dBm, meaning it may be coming from next door, and not activity caused by you.* Perhaps a baby monitor?

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    Default Ok, I rebooted my router and

    Ok, I rebooted my router and it seemed to fix it.

    About the -70 interference, I just need to walk around and see what it might be.


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    Default I have a Micro-USB bluetooth

    I have a Micro-USB bluetooth adaptor in my desktop PC and get the same pattern of interference with the WiSpy plugged in there. I've never seen it before on the laptop (with bluetooth) though.

    I should mention - when I unplug the bluetooth device, the pattern vanishes completely!


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