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    Default DeLORME GPS


    *I had some problems getting the DeLORME LT-20 GPS to work with inSIDDer. After a day of searching I found out that the GPS did not comply with the NMEA 0183 standards. Looking into this a bit more I found out that DeLORME released a Serial Emulation Driver that allows the hardware to comply with the NMEA 0183 standards. The driver can be downloaded from the link below.

    *After installing the driver and following the simple directions for setting up the COM port, I am now able to have the LT-20 GPS from DeLORME working with inSIDDer.

    *This update*allows*the USB Earthmate GPS, Earthmate GPS LT series, Earthmate GPS PN series, and Earthmate GPS BT-20 to be recognized in NMEA 0183 compliant mapping applications.

    *Anyway I just wanted to past this info along to anyone else who needs the above listed hardware to work.

    *Thanks Again for the great software.


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    Default I am glad to hear it! It is

    I am glad to hear it!

    It is very good to know that the GPS is working.

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    Default Banging my head against a Garmin Earthmate

    I have installed the Delorme serial emulator. It does not work at all with my Earthmate BT-20, so I tried my USB Earthmate. That connects to the Delorme emulator, and the data looks fine. But inSSIDer does not recognize a GPS on the serial port. I've tried setting both the emulator and inSSIDer to port 2, and then to port 6, but neither work.

    Any hints on what I might try next?

    By the way the BT-20 connects fine to Delorme mapping software, so I don't know why it doesn't work with the emulator. But that's not really a question for this forum.

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    So you've checked all the serial port settings(baud rate, stop bits, parity, etc.)?


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