[img_assist|nid=1545|title=20090708 unknown 96MHz pattern|desc=|link=none|align=none|width=501|heigh t=354] This pattern is in the 5GHz spectrum. Looks like the vertical blue boxes in the topographic view are spaced at ~96MHz (indicated with the vertical coloured bars to the left). Don't know what this is; it may be some sort of artifact from my notebook (it starts again at about 0735 which is about when I sat down at it...) This is at home, I have also seen similar in the office.

This picture also shows what appears to be 2 x 802.11a APs at channel 40 and 48 (although 40 is offset) and 802.11a or n at channels 153, 157, 161. They also appear to be offset from the actual channel. There are also the 4 red bars at 5228, 5360, 5372, 5380.

I will send the 7hr recordng to Trent in case it is of interest.