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Thread: InSSIDer for iPhone

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    Default InSSIDer for iPhone

    Is a version of insider being developed for iPhone?

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    Default I doubt it. Although, there

    I doubt it. Although, there is something in the works here:

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    Default InSSIDer for iPhone

    We have thought about developing a version of InSSIDer for the iPhone. Actually, we have already developed some working code for the iPhone that scans for networks. If we get more requests on this forum, we will be more motivated to get it done. *Let us know what type of features would you like to see.Thanks,Steve*

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    Default I think the graphs would be

    I think the graphs would be cool

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    Default Iphone App

    Yes this tool with present graphic display on the iPhone would be awesome.

    Added features to

    make use of mapping on the iphone with iphone mapping apps, google,google earth, mapquest and so on.

    export log files using email to post process or make PC maps
    with data.


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    Default Iphone....

    Hi Steve.
    1st of all, thanks for the brilliant inSSIDER ! I use it with a USB adapter with a good success. The graphic view is an excellent tool and really usefull
    I hope to buy one day a wi-spy usb key ( maybe santaclaus ;-)
    I am also owner of an iPhone, and for the moment I did not found any accurate app around wifi.
    Did you already place something in apple store ???
    I hope Apple will accept your future app to prevent the need to Jailbreack the Iphone

    Best regards from France

  7. Talking IPHONE APP to work with InSSIDER

    I would be nice to use the GPS feature on the IPHONE to work with InSSIDER to do RF site surveys and locate rogue WAPs.

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    We were researching into an iphone application a little bit. It appears Apple store rejects any application that accesses the Wi-Fi. Which would be problematic for most iphone users.

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    Yeah, why does Apple not want anyone using the WiFi in the iPhone?
    They should let people use it for WiFi sniffing and whatnot.

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    Post Not All Apps are rejected

    Apple has allowed a few apps to go trough that use the built in WiFi with the iPhone (example: SlingPlayer Mobile, by Sling Media), but they are few and far between.

    My guess on why Apple does not want approve apps that use WiFi is because they are scared that there will be an exploit found, and the Apple name will be branded like Microsoft (Even though it is a large misconception on Apple Security).

    Looking into it, what I have found is, you have to know someone who knows someone to get your app approved that uses the 802.11 (or 802.15 if you ever want to have an app that does BlueDriving on the iPhone); or you must offer them a business deal.

    It would be nice if an app could be made (even though I use the BlackBerry, which I find to be 100 times better).

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