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Thread: InSSIDer for iPhone

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    Default focus on Android instead

    You should really focus on making an Android app instead. If Apple are going to be awkward then let them be awkward!

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    Default iPhone

    I know Apple is being horrid about the iPhone and wireless but it seems to me that the iPad is going to be widely adopted in the enterprise markets. I've been watching Apple, the iPhone and competitive products closely for the last four years and am basing my hunches from that.

    So my question is has anyone been able to find anything on actually turning the iPad into a tool?

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    I know this thread is a little old, but it's exactly what I'm hoping to find. I have to say one of the features I miss from inSSIDer v1 is the little 5 bar signal strength next to each network, I kinda liked that for quick glances.....but I still love v2!!!!

    I myself am a proud owner of the iphone 4 and I have been a huge fan of inSSIDer back before it started becoming well known and all we had was the crappy netstumbler . Anyway, I've wished that you guys would bring this functionality to a network admin via his iphone, and yeah I'm aware of apples lockdown on the wifi. That's why I am actually the proud owner of a jailbroken iphone 4. So yes, I am recommending you look at making an app that can be used on jailbroken devices, being that its not illegal I don't see a downside other than apple showing you a frown or two but I don't think they're being very friendly to your area of work anyway, as of right now .

    I think an iphone app should include the following features:

    - Basic Wifi Scan List (Including: MAC,SSID,RSSI,Channel,Vendor,Privacy,Network Type)
    - GPS & logging
    - Time Graph
    - 2.4GHz & 5GHz Graph
    - Filters (At least "channels" & "security" but more would be great!)
    - Maybe a news feed to keep us up on all your latest and greatest stuff!

    It's an idea, and I can assure you it would be an extremely HOT app. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider it. You have no idea how useful something like this would be.
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    It would be awesome if you could do an app for the iOS, and even better if you could keep it open source! If the App Store rejects it, you could always add it to Cydia.

    So please consider an iOS version!

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    I agree. Apple is being annoying on this aspect, but I personally would love an iPhone version, even if it had to be through cydia.

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    Default Make it android please :)

    Make inSSIDer for android.

    If you did it for IPhone it means that i have to go out and buy that ghastly piece of junk to get my inSSIDer on the go :P

    Much rather invest my money in googlesoft

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    OK... I need to chime in here.
    I really love this inSSIDer program. It works so darn well and out ranks every other program I've ever seen.
    Apple apps have programs like Wifi Scan, and other apps that try to do the same thing but never come close.
    I know a bunch of us would do almost anything to get your app on iPad. Another thought would be a hardware plug-in for iPad. That would be a real beotch to do, but worth every penny.
    If your working on something for iPhone or iPad and need a Beta tester, I'd be more than happy to help.
    Give it some thought guys. Give us a inSSIDer app for iPhone and iPad.

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    Would this work with ipod touch 4g?

    Or does it only have the wifi location and not actual GPS?

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    I would like to see this as an iPod app. I would pay for it - and I usually go for the free-bees.

    Cydia could be a good alternative should Apple reject the app. I would think most people who would use InSSIDer would be capable of jailbreaking their iPods/iPhones.

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    Have there been any new developments to this thread? I am looking to use inSSIDer on either an iphone or ipad, prefferably the ipad and have hit brick walls everywhere. Would be willing to pay for this to use in a commercial environment

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