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    Default Test transmitter

    Hi all

    Does anyone know of a test transitter for the WiFi area? When aligning directional antennas, a WiSpy can be used to monitor the power of a signal...if there is one.

    It would be nice to have a sender/transmitter, which would send a constant signal on any / all channels, so that one might be able to find the best conditions for directional antennas...

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    Default Would a Wireless Video/tv

    Would a Wireless Video/tv sender/camera for 2.4Ghz work?
    They output a constant signal.

  3. Default RF Signal Generator

    That may be a cheap option. But it isn't a great solution for testing antenna signal strengths.

    I'd recommend a RF Signal Generator. They aren't cheap, but they'll do exactly what you're looking for.

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    Default They CAN be cheap :)

    Thanks for the suggestion! A good idea actually.

    It seems that a compeeting company indeed has made a solution:

    So...when are we gonna see a similar solution from Metageek? And perhaps priced at a better price? ;-)

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