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Thread: Wi-Spy on a MacBook Pro

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    Default Wi-Spy on a MacBook Pro

    Has any one experienced problems with the original Wi-Spy on a MacBook? I have a v1 Wi-Spy that seems to work fine with Eakiu and works with my Windows laptop, but it stopped being seen by my MacBook with Chanalyzer Lite OR within my VM of Windows XP. It worked fine up until a few days ago, now when I start the VM, the Wi-Spy does not show up as a device to connect to the VM. It also does not show up in Chanalyzer Lite for my Mac; it does, however, power on when I plug it in (Green LED).

    Any ideas?

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    Default When I tried to Chanalyzer

    When I tried to Chanalyzer Lite for mac with my v1 it didn't see it.

  3. Default Wi-Spy v1 incompatible

    Chanalyzer Lite for Mac does not support the Wi-Spy v1. I'm surprised the v1 worked with VMWare, did you update fairly recently? VMWare recognizes the Wi-Spy v1 as a mouse receiver, and to our knowledge never worked. At the risk of being shameless, the 2.4i is a much better device and works with mac.*

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    Default Well, that makes sense,

    Well, that makes sense, although it definitely did work for a little while in my VM.

    I have been thinking about getting the 2.4i device for my make, however I would like to see a version, for mac, that supports 802.11n and 5GHz. Is anything like that coming down the pipe?

  5. Default Chanalyzer Lite for Mac DOES support DBx

    DBx covers both the 2.4 and 5GHz bands and is supported on Mac via either our own Chanalyzer Lite software or Cookware's Eakiu.<edit> I see that the system requirements for Wi-Spy DBx do not list the Mac...we'll get that updated.* Chanalyzer Lite for Mac supports 2.4x, 2.4i, DBx and 900x. </edit>

  6. Default updated.


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    Default EaKiu and Wi-Spy v1

    Just curious... since it works with EaKiu - is there functionality missing from EaKiu that is preventing you from using it as the software solution?

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    Default Well, it's not as visually

    Well, it's not as visually appealing; i.e. - its a little more difficult for me to read and I would like more resolution as well (really a matter of my Wi-Spy) But EaKiu is a pretty good app.


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