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Thread: Difference between WiSpy v1 en 2.4i

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    Default Difference between WiSpy v1 en 2.4i

    Before splashing out some hard earned euros on a 2.4i but being a (very) happy v1 user, the question is obvious what the differences are. I browsed metageeks website but did not find this info.

    Someone who has this info?


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    Hi Ernst-

    First of all, thanks for choosing Wi-Spy! We're always glad to hear from happy users.

    The big difference between the V1 and the 2.4i is the 2.4i's higher resolution. The 2.4i has a frequency resolution of 373 KHz, versus the 1 MHz resolution of the V1. The 2.4i also has a 0.5 dBm amplitude resolution, versus the 1.5 dBm of the V1. As a result of this higher resolution, you are able to see the signals in you spectrum in greater detail, which makes it easier to determine what those signals are.

    Another important difference between the devices is the range. The 2.4i frequency range is 2400 MHz to 2495 MHz. The V1 can only cover up to 2483 MHz. This difference is very significant in areas where wifi channel 14 may legally be used. The 2.4i amplitude range is from about -100 dBm up to -6.5 dBm. The V1 amplitude range is -97 dBm up to -49.5 dBm, so very strong transmitters are clipped.The final difference is that the 2.4i has capabilities that we aren't yet taking advantage of in our software, so we will continue to improve on the features available to its users. We feel like we've gotten about all we can out of V1; it has been a great product for us, but we won't be releasing new software for it as we move forward.
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    Any upgrade path for the V1? I have one collecting dust sinceI bought the DBx.

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    Hi, I sent you a message with some coupon codes. Anyone else looking for a upgrade codes, send me an email at support at metageek d0t net!
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    Hi Trent,

    We have a couple of wispy devices (V1) .. and are looking to upgrade. We want to place a bulk order. Could you send me the upgrade coupons you were talking about?

    Also, I have a few technical questions about the wispy device and the support for linux. Is there a number I can reach you at?


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    There is no official support for Linux. You can run Chanalyzer in a virtualized environment, or build spectools which will support the Wi-Spy 2.4i.

    Feel free to contact me at support at metageek d0t net


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