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Thread: How to identify dead spots with Wi-Spy?

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    Default How to identify dead spots with Wi-Spy?

    How do you identify dead spots with wi-spy 2.4i?

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    There are several ways to identify dead spots with a Wi-Spy.* I think the users in the forum can chime in and share some tips as well.If you have the ability, create some wireless traffic from the AP in question. Preferably, from a different computer other than your laptop.* Now plug the Wi-Spy 2.4i into your laptop and walk around the site.* You may want to disable the auto timespan function, and watch the traffic in 5 minute intervals. As you walk around the signal strength of the AP will decrease.* If it is too low, or no longer visible, you have found yourself a deadspot! * A dead spot could be an interference source as well.* You can browse through the recordings found here, and get an idea for what non-wi-fi devices look like.


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