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Thread: Is this normal or is it setup wrong

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    Default Is this normal or is it setup wrong

    This is a scan from a friends house. They are having problems with disconnections and poor signal range. It was taken using a wi-spy v1. there seems to be a large amount of noise, is that from the house or have I setup something wrong on the laptop. I did a scan at a school yesterday with no wireless at the school and it also had lots of noise, yet when I run it at work it looks ok.

    I can see two access points and something else around channel 10.

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    We've seen broken wireless cards scanning each channel so aggressive that it works like a jamming device. I can't really tell if that is just passive scanning, or if the card is broken. Try turning off their wireless card, (and yours) to isolate the problem. Your Wi-Spy v1 appears to be working fine.

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    Default Thank you

    Thanks for the assistance I will be trying some more testing in the weekend

  4. Default Your v1 is compatible with

    Your v1 is compatible with Chanalyzer Lite, try that. You may get a little better look into what is going on.


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