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Thread: unidentified object around 2414 Mhz

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    Default unidentified object around 2414 Mhz

    Has anybody an idea what the pattern around 2414 Mhz could be? I'm not aware of another wireless lan. According to my Wifi scanning the access point in this room is on channel 6. Another access point in a different room is on channel 11.

    Thanks for your help.
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  2. Default wireless video camera

    My guess would be a wireless video camera.*see: appears to be a constant signal, and you can see the tips of it.* It is probably a neighboring building using it.* lock your time frame and wander around and see if you can track it by the amplitudee*

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    Default wireless video camera

    It definitely is a wireless video camera. I was able to track it down in the neighbouring building. While tracking down I even found another one on channel 11.

    Thanks for your help!

  4. Default email me the recording

    if you have a free moment can you email the recording to me so I can put it in our recordings library?

    support at metageek dot net


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