I just received my 2.4.x and am testing it in my shop. We are in a remote town, in a stone building. You can see my AP (TP-Link) and the business next door (NAG). The next closest building is about 20 metres across the road in another stone building. I know that there are two other AP's in the neighbouring buildings, but both are far enough away and through thick stone walls that they never show up in a wireless site scan.

I have the following site scan using 2.4.x and am not entirely sure what I am seeing. It has been scanning for 2.5hrs up to this point. My AP is ch 11, next door is ch 10. Both our cordless phones run 1.8Ghz. Next door they have a CB (447Mhz by memory), and there are two computers with cordless mice (1 about 5m from the WiSpy, the other about 10m through a stone wall). 5 computers are running on the two WAP's.

Can anyone please explain what I am seeing on the attached picture (can also attach recording if interested). Obviously there are the two AP's but not sure what all the other peaks might be. Any assistance would be appreciated as it would help teach me how to start working with the 2.4.x I have read the forums a fair bit and looked at lots of signatures but can't seem to find the right devices to match in with the data that I am seeing.

Thanks in advance for your help!