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Thread: No graphs showing. What's up?

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    Default No graphs showing. What's up?

    I bring up inSSIDer and click on "Start Scanning" and no graphs show. My wife's laptop is next to mine and her's shows the graphs. What could be wrong? We are both talking to the same router. I am N and she is G. But this shouldn't matter as it has worked simultaneously before. I am thinking of uninstalling and reinstalling but I would rather try a hint that I might receive from this message.


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    This sounds like your network card isn't compatible. Do you mind letting us know what card you're using?

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    Default Jack how many networks are


    how many networks are visible on your wife's laptop ? Is it around 50-60 networks ? (not uncommon for apartments/high density living)

    if it is, try going to a location that has bad coverage, like in a closet or in a basement, and try again - do the networks appear now ?



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