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Thread: Playstation 3 wifi interference

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    Default Playstation 3 wifi interference

    Hey all,
    I have a playstation 3 unit with its normal sony controllers and whenever i use the unit with the controllers, i can no longer use the wifi in my house. used wispy to take a look at the spectrum and saw a huge amount of energy being transmitted from that PS3 unit. Has anyone else seen this issue? I am attaching a capture to highlight.

    Further, there is no way to set the freq used by the controllers (bluetooth controllers they are), and so the interference pops up everywhere.

    Please let me know if you have seen something similar and if you know of a way to pin down the frequency used by the ps3.


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    Hi and thank you for posting!* We have received a capture of the PS3 here: recording doesn't appear to be constant like the image above.* It looks like something is streaming constantly from your PS3.* When you turn the PS3 off does it go away?It looks like that signal ends at about 2433?* You should be able to choose channel 1 for your Wi-Fi and avoid that signal altogether.

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    Default PS3 interference

    hi Trent,
    when i turn off the ps3 the signal goes away. it definitely has to do with the bluetooth link between the controllers and the ps3 self.

    That signal does not remain on the same frequency but changes every time the ps3 is restarted.

    this is the latest version of the ps3. I had the first model, and though that one had a wifi AP in it, it did not cause such interference. it seems that Sony has increased the power transmitted by the bluetooth radio in order to improve connectivity between it and the ps3 base.

    The other difference is that these new controllers are dualshock controllers, and perhaps because of that, the data exchange required is more intensive.

    I will make a new capture with non-dualshock controllers to see if the bandwidth usage is less.


  4. Default Can you send me the

    Can you send me the recording? support at this domain.

    Thank you for the added details.* Yeah that seems like it would cause a lot more problems. It seems this could cause a lot of interference for all the people with wireless audio video systems.*


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