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Thread: Here is my share of a scan from a Sonos music player

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    Default Here is my share of a scan from a Sonos music player

    Here I would like to share a scan of a Sonos music system.

    I use a Sonos Bridge and a Zone player 90. On this scan the Wi-Spy 2.4x was in my PC room a few feet away from the Zone Bridge. To see the Sonos in Chanalyser I need to stream music while I made the scan.

    The Sonos was set on channel 1. The Sonos Music System use it's own network mesh called SonosNET 2.0

    You can see that the Sonos Music system is using a wide band on the 2.4 Ghz. This scan really look like it is using wireless G and something else.
    Also note you can also see my surrounding neighbours using channel 6

    The Sonos Bridge is using SonosNET 1.0 and the ZonePlayer 90 is using SonosNET 2.0

    Maybe this have something to do in the range and shape the Sonos is using.

    Hope this could interest some of you.
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    Holy crap - no wonder if you're having problems.

    I have a cheap surround sound system, and the back speakers are connected wirelessly. It always occupy 2.4GHz channel 13 100%, regardless if any audio is present.

    If I turn on the microwave. channels 1-7 are just GONE. They practically are anyways, if one looks at InSIDer.

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    Thanks for sharing... Was that just the sonos? Looks like a WiFi G on channel 1
    That band for channel 8 up looks interesting.
    Also looks like some WiFi B on Channel 6

    Either way it looks busy....

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    Default Sonos

    Hi, could you get the sonos trace from chanalyser back on line? I would like to compare with the attached trace that i made at a customer's site
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