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Thread: logon to my net wi-fi

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    Default logon to my net wi-fi

    Good morning

    Is before the time that within in this forum and therefore I want to greet all

    I had need of a information insider

    Is possible to connect itself to own net wi-fi through insider that it comes regularly identified and visualized by INSIDER ?

    I have tried and once visualized my line I do not find the way within insider connecting me to my net
    if is also possible to be connected to a net wi-fi which is the procedure to follow ?

    With insider and only possible to visualize the nets wi-fi available and enough ?

    Tank you

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    Hi and welcome to the forums. You cannot connect to access points through inSSIDer. inSSIDer only shows the available wireless access points around you. And if you have inSSIDer running you may even experience a drop in your current Wi-Fi connection.

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    Tank you for your reply

    But then which is the advantage or the benefit to have installed the program

    insider ?

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    the advantage is too simply see what Access Points are around you and their signal strengths. This can came in handy for picking what channel you want to put you AP on.
    Lets say you just got a new WiFi Access Point. Next you need to pick a channel.
    Run Insider for a while, then pick the channel with the lest number of APs and/or the weakest signals.
    This should give you the best performance (not considering non-wifi activity).


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