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Thread: ¿What do they mean the colors? (wi-spy)

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    Default ¿What do they mean the colors? (wi-spy)

    hi my name is malcom from argentina, I want to know ¿what does it means the colors wi-spy? they are green,red,blue,yellow. thanks

  2. Default Colors of the Spectral View, Topographic View, and Planar View

    Hi Malcom,

    Thank you for your question. I will try to answer it as simply as I can.

    Spectral View
    The spectral view is a waterfall view that tracks amplitude. If a device with a higher amplitude is activated at any point in the recording, it will show up as yellow or red. Devices with high amplitude usually indicate potential interference.

    Topographic View
    The topographic view colors represent how often a frequency point is being populated. Many devices operate in a specific frequency range. Generally certain points of amplitude and frequency get populated often. The more red the color is, the more populated it is. The darker it is the less populated that point will be. If you are seeing a lot of red colors it indicates a lot of use. Of course the scale automatically adjusts so always look at the legend or use the inspector tool to see how often the point is being populated. The topographic view is called "Density View" in Chanalyzer Lite. We think that name is more appropriate.

    Planar View
    There are only 3 colors here: yellow, blue and green. The yellow indicates the current signals the Wi-Spy is reading. The blue tracks the highest amplitude levels the Wi-Spy has received. The Green represents an average of the signals.


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