Good Afternoon!
I'm writing to you because i'd like to understand better how is measured the time in the file .wsr.
I read the specs of the wi-spy 2.4x, and i've found the sweep time is fixed at 165 msec (approx). Is it really fixed? or can i change it?.
Studying the file .wsr i've realized that for each frequency value there is a power value (dBm) at a specific time value (microseconds). If we have a sweep time (a IF filter, scanning the whole ISM band, frequency by frequency progressively), how could be possible to have in the file's table a single time value for all the frequencies in the band? Does it refer to the time at wich was measured the first frequency's power (2,4e9 Hz)? May you please clarify me this? Thanks in advance.

Best Regards
Jesus Roldan