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Thread: frame data analysis on 802.11?

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    Default frame data analysis on 802.11?

    Hi, I'm wondering if the 2.4x / Chanalyzer will be able to analyze frame data on 802.11 (e.g. MAC header, payload and FCS, MAC addresses, etc)

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    Default what about airpcap

    Just noticed this product. Would this provide frame analysis for 802.11 as described in my original thread?

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    Yes, that is the device you want. The Wi-Spy analyzes the physical layer.

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    Default Forum for airpcap?

    Would be great to get a forum started for Airpcap if it doesn't exist already?

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    AirPCAP is just the device you are probably more intersted in the program that uses the AirPCAP such as Wireshark.

    Look up Wireshark University, Laura teaches a good class on how to use it - As well as a wireless specific class where she uses a Wi-spy and channelizer as well.


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